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What Does Professional Moving Look Like?

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Furniture Delivery

Local Moving


T7's Local Full-Service comes with a huge damage-protection guarantee; enough to make most companies go bankrupt. View it below, under "Why Choose T7?"

Pad-Wrap Service is assured with T7 Moving, and unlike most companies, our employees (not sub-contractors) are disciplined with the right wrapping practices.

Moving Company

Long-Distance Moving


Long-Distance Moves can be the riskiest trips. It is critical that your movers follow safe protocol to a tee; if careful movement of your property is a priority.

Most all items should be covered or protected - at a professional level - and no empty space should be left between items without proper tiedowns or restraint.

Heavy Moving

Commercial Relocation

Full-Service or Moving Labor

With more time-flexibility and higher damage-protection, T7 may be the right choice for your next office, warehouse, or industrial moving project.

Our team will be happy to assist your commercial move with a truck, or without!

Trustworthy Mover



Proper Packing is a critical step for the protection of small, fragile valuables.

The right packing material (white packing paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap, etc.), and proper packing methods could be the difference between your goods arriving flawlessly, or shattered.

Packing can be done yourself easily and efficiently, but make sure to know the right way first!

Specialty Moving

Helping Hands

Moving Labor, Partial Service

The Team at T7 can help to load your POD, Rental Truck, U-Box --- or whatever extra muscle may be helpful for (in-home and/or in-complex moves included).

Our damage guarantees are not the same for moving labor, since our professionals are not in complete control of the variables on the job (e.g.: what protective materials are present for use).

Home Moving

Moving Tips

Office Tips

Feel free to reach out anytime for questions or comments based around your specific wants/needs, and/or our service guarantees and accommodations.

We are happy to answer to any moving advice, regardless of whether business is done together.

Storage Move Pottstown
Gym Equipment Relocation
Furniture Movers

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Moving Company Certification

Certified T.H.G.T.C. Member

T7 Moving's HireAHelper Reviews

HireAHelper: 5 Star Rated

Verified, Background-Checked "Elite Labor"

PA PUC Licensed: #8925832

Movers Licensing

US DOT and FMCSA Licensed:

DOT # --- 4002501

MC Authority --- 1504706

Movers You Can Trust

Disciplined, Driven Movers



Fully Insured,

Fully Licensed

Why Choose T7?

Our promise to the customer is a damage-free priority. To back this, T7 offers up to $5,000 in Full-Value Coverage for repairs, replacements, or compensations on every Full-Service Move --- at normal price.

This number is enough to make most Moving Companies bankrupt; due to the manner in which most companies operate today. Companies routinely offer up to 60 cents per pound at normal price (Far from the full value of most items, and especially disproportionate to high-value items).

T7's team is compensated well; every mover is paid to perform, or work must be found elsewhere. Our promise to keep a well-disciplined team has made our guarantee of $5,000 in damage coverage feasible --- and thus has saved us money, and allowed fair prices to be passed on to the consumer. To be transparent, damage can occur on moves, but it is safer to move with a company striving to eliminate damage, than one who overlooks accountability (ask our competitors how the 'claim' system works, for any additionally purchased 3rd-party-insurance they offer --- and ask how often insurance companies hold up their end; without a forced hand and hard evidence).

Our promise of fairness and integrity is to you, and to our employees. We pay this damage-guarantee directly from our pockets (when damage is due to our negligence), and we back our word with an earned reputation for fair dealings. It has turned out to be of benefit to everyone involved.


If a careful, professional move is your goal, then our movers can provide just that.