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My Long-Distance Move is Over-Priced!

Most Long Distance moves will be, but there are ways you can save HUGELY.

Here are a few ways to save money on your upcoming Long-Distance Move:

1. Hire Labor to Load/Unload your Own rental moving truck (from Penske Truck Rental, for example). This will save tons of labor expense during travel.

2. Hire Labor to Load/Unload a pod(s), after procuring one from a pod transportation company (such as "PODS," "UNIT," etc.). This option also provides flexibility in terms of storage between closing dates (but is usually more expensive, and less reliable date-wise).

3. If you want to go the traditional route of having a company come with a truck, but still want to save - consider calling a Van-Line, rather than a moving company. Van-Lines work with multiple moving companies, and can combine your shipment with others (and have shipments ready for the way back), to save you loads on travel expense!

4. If the options above are still too expensive, it can't hurt to only take what is needed, and get rid of the rest.

Long-Distance Moves will never be cheap, but there are ways to save some money where possible!

- Sean

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