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T7's West Nantmeal Township home movers provide a full-value damage protection/coverage guarantee, for the items most valuable to you.

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West Nantmeal Township Moving Company

The movers that show up to your job determine how the day will go, from start to end. Movers present on your job determine the level of damage that your items undergo during transport, the care that is shown to your walls and floors, and the level of efficiency that is provided. A great office staff, and a long history, can only help so much.

With T7, the movers present for your relocation are always trained, or paired with an experienced trainer. More often than not, that trainer will be the company owner (it's easier to assess what discount is due for a slow-down in efficiency, if any, due to inexperience - with the owner present). Our movers are always employees - never subcontractors - and are all paid at top rate, with expectations clearly communicated throughout the hiring process. If they cannot earn top rate, then they are promptly let go from our West Nantmeal Township Moving Company.

More of your money will go towards the movers present on the day of your move, keeping them motivated to keep the job they perform everyday - as compared to more money going towards corporate profits and/or damage claims at other companies.

We intend to deliver transparency, efficiency and a high level of care to all of our West Nantmeal Township, PA clientele. Your move is our business, and our business is built upon maintaining an upstanding reputation.

Moving Company Certification
T7 Moving's HireAHelper Reviews

Certified T.H.G.T.C. Member

HireAHelper: 5 Star Rated

Verified, Background-Checked "Elite Labor"

PA PUC Licensed: #8925832

Damage Guarantee

Movers Licensing

T7 Moving provides all of its customers with a guarantee of up to $5,000 in full-value damage protection at normal price. That's up to $5,000 in repairs that would be used in repairs, replacement and/or compensation --- whether it's a dresser that has chipped, a wall that has been dented --- anything we are negligent for!

Licensed and insured, we document pre-existing damage, and are confident that we can provide a safe move; or otherwise provide coverage for it. It may be tough to find another moving company near West Nantmeal willing to make such a bold promise (much less in writing)! T7 takes care of your items at a consistently superior level. Will your movers provide a damage guarantee?

US DOT and FMCSA Licensed:

DOT # --- 4002501

MC Authority --- 1504706

County Served

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