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Movers with a Guarantee

Movers with a Guarantee

T7's movers fulfill every opportunity under a $5,000 full-value, damage-umbrella guarantee. This is provided at normal price for full-service moving, and covers any damage that our company is negligible for (via repair, replacement, or compensation). Can the other movers offer that confidence in writing?

Gilbertsville Moving Company

Gilbertsville Moving Company

Gilbertsville is a small town in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; with just over 5,500 residents according to the 2020 census report. T7 Moving has enjoyed its opportunities to serve the area.


Located in Douglass Township, Gilbertsville is at the Junction of routes 73 and 100. Offering a peaceful, suburban feel, Gilbertsville is a great escape to nature. Within the town, residents and visitors may enjoy numerous trails; stemming from local outings such as the Swamp Creek Park, or the Smith Road Park.

This quaint community derives its name from Hans George Gilbert and his descendants, who heavily populated the area during the mid-to-late 1700's. William Gilbert is one such descendant. The Englishman is known for his practice of Astronomy, Physics, and some work as a Physician.

Our movers at T7 enjoy time spent helping Gilbertsville, PA residents relocate into or out of town, and the surrounding areas.

Visiting Gilbertsville, PA

Bella Vista Golf Course and Barn Fresh Vintage Market are two noteworthy spots to stop when touring Gilbertsville, PA. Gilbertsville's neighboring towns share some local treasures as well. Visit Boyertown nearby to explore Gilbertsville's more urban counterpart. T7 is lucky to have a part in moving both towns!

Although a small town, the people of Gilbertsville have acclaimed some 'TV time'. A few famed names may call Gilbertsville their hometown. Most notably of which are Model Elaine Irwin, and professional soccer player Nicole Barnhart.

Gym Equipment Relocation
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Furniture Movers

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Moving Company Certification

Certified T.H.G.T.C. Member

T7 Moving's HireAHelper Reviews

HireAHelper: 5 Star Rated

Verified, Background-Checked "Elite Labor"

Bella Vista Golf Course in Gilbertsville, PA

Commercial and Home Movers

Trust T7's furniture movers for your next moving experience, if a careful relocation is priority. Our movers operate under a $5,000 full-value, damage-protection guarantee; enough to make most professional moving companies reach bankruptcy.

That speaks to our confidence that T7's home movers can get your property transported from one residence (or business location) to the next in the same condition; with great consistency. Ask other moving companies how much coverage they provide. Most will only cover up to 60 cents per pound at normal price --- a low valuation of your goods, when a safe and careful relocation is the goal.

Our guarantee is to be transparent from start to finish, and to take care of your possessions, or otherwise take accountability for them. Contact us for a free quote today!

PA PUC Licensed: #8925832

Gilbertsville Commercial and Home Transportation Services

T7 Moving provides the following moving services to the Gilbertsville area:

  • Full-Service Home Moving: Truck and Protective materials included as necessary. T7 is the Gilbertsville Moving Company to guarantee your possessions a safe transport. This is how we do it best. General Furniture Assembly and Disassembly is included.

  • Moving Labor: Our Gilbertsville Movers will work until the job is done right --- without a truck. Whether you're renting a truck, a pod, or conducting an in-home / in-complex move, our labor can provide a great service. Protective materials are not included at normal price for this option --- as is reflected in the starting rates. Lower coverage rates apply, since we do not control all the variables.

  • Packing and Unpacking: Our team is experienced, and aware of proper packing procedure. Choose T7 for your Gilbertsville Packing. We'll pack the right way, to avoid damage.

  • Furniture Delivery: T7 does small and large deliveries alike. Consider asking about lining up your Gilbertsville Delivery Service with other small jobs we have --- it could save you some money!

  • Furniture Wrapping / Protection: Furniture Wrapping is a Moving Service already inclusive in many of the packages we provide. Ask how we can be of assistance in protecting your furniture, for your Gilbertsville Move!​

Movers Licensing

US DOT and FMCSA Licensed:

DOT # --- 4002501

MC Authority --- 1504706

Gilbertsville Moving Service

Gilbertsville Movers Serving Chester and Montgomery County

T7 Moving is proud to serve the entirety of Chester County, and Montgomery County.

Based out of Pottstown, PA, T7 Moving is a local moving company to the Gilbertsville area.

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